6 Ideas for Wardrobe Inspiration by Audrey Stanton

6 Ideas for Wardrobe Inspiration

In a culture that is constantly telling us how to act, how to dress, where to get our kicks, and what we should like, we can easily turn into clones of each other. However, there are so many resources out there ready to be taken and made your own. There is nothing wrong with taking in all of the information this modern age provides, but I would simply encourage you to be inspired by others’ ideas, instead of copying them directly. When you come across something that excites you, try to dig into why it does and if it’s something you admire, or something that actually works for your life. There is a difference, I promise! Here are 6 resources to get you started on your personal style journey:

  1. Pinterest

First place to start gathering inspiration? Pinterest. The platform can be a bit overwhelming but by making intentional boards and searches, there is a lot you can do! I recommend finding some people you follow on social media to start off, and then let yourself go down a rabbit hole of “similar images.” Pay attention to the images you gravitate towards and ones you pass by. Happy pinning!

  1. Fashion Blogs

Fashion blogs are the easiest way nowadays to find closet inspo, but there are also so many out there! Pick one or two fashionista’s sites to check out and go deep. Maybe you’ll even get a chance to see how their style has evolved over the years. Just remember that their jobs are to dress up, therefore, not everything you see will be practical for your day-to-day. Still, you can dream up the perfect outfit for you!

  1. Magazines

“Print is dead!” Well, not exactly but it definitely isn’t as prominent in our current pop culture as it used to be. If you want to get crafty, pick up a fashion magazine or two from the drug store, grab scissors and glue, and get collaging. Don’t overthink it. Start by pulling out colors, textures, and silhouettes that are sparking your interest. Next, see what the through line is. Not into being hands-on? No problem. Look up the streetwear section of a fashion magazine and create a little folder of images on your computer. What makes the outfits right for you?

  1. Art Galleries

Just like crafting, going to see art that others have created, fashion or not, can be incredibly inspiring. By clearing your mind a bit you might have an easier time taking in images, colors, techniques etc. Through this process you can become better acquainted with the kind of aesthetic you are attracted to, and what kind of look you want for yourself. 

  1. Movies/TV

This is maybe the best excuse to binge watch TV. Put on some of your favorite movies (old or new), or a couple of episodes of that show you’re obsessed with, and analyze the costumes. Costume design is more than designing extreme ball gowns or other-worldly garb. The wardrobe of a sitcom character can be just as exciting as Anna Karenina. Why is Rachel wearing that skirt? Do you like the shirt it’s paired with? What would you do differently?

  1. History

Last, but absolutely not least, is fashion history. Fashion is cyclical! If you haven’t noticed that 90’s styles are back in full force, then I’m not sure where you are getting your information from. Every decade, few years, or even months, styles from years past resurface. Each time trends cycle through there is always an adjustment or new iteration, but the base elements are always there. We are lucky enough to live in a time when all kinds of styles are available to us. If you feel 80’s silhouettes fit your figure best– go for it! Just make sure you pair those “mom jeans” with a more modern top, as to not look like you actually walked out of a John Hughes movie...On second thought, do it!

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