Five Tips for Transforming Your Wardrobe by Nicole Robertson

Five Tips for Transforming Your Wardrobe


Five tips for transforming your wardrobe, from Swap Society member "Elizabeth's Mom": 

1.  Less is more. If you frequently find yourself looking at your closet and not knowing what to wear, you probably suffer from "closet clutter."  In other words, you can't see the forest for the trees of your extraneous clothing items you don't wear and don't need.  Take a page from the Parisians and pare down your wardrobe to the fewest essentials possible.  Getting dressed will become a fait accompli!

2. Love it or lose it.  Get honest with your bad self about items you haven't worn in the last 6 months.  Why are you keeping this?  Do you think you might wear it?  Nope, sorry, not a good enough reason.  Do you hate to part with it because you paid a lot of money for it?  Someone you love gave it to you? It's a great label?  Sentimental pieces you absolutely can't part with that aren't being worn need to be bagged and placed in storage.  Nice pieces need to be swapped.  'Nuff said.

3.  Phone a friend if you're stumped.  Call a kind and fair friend, and ask her/him to help you go through problem items you're struggling with letting go of.  They know you.  They will tell you whether there is a snowball's chance in hell that you're ever going to wear that purple prom dress again without being mean.    

4. Embrace rainbows!  Imagine how a rainbow would look if the colors were not separated into purple, blue, green, yellow, orange, and red, and the bands of colors were all mixed together instead.  It wouldn't look like a rainbow; it would look more like a "blah-bow" or "gray-bow."  I STRONGLY suggest color coding your closet from dark to lights and keeping colors together.  Your closet will be more pleasing to the eye and you'll be able to find things with greater ease.  Just try it.  Like Sam-I-Am's green eggs, I promise you'll like it.        

5.  Get zen and find yourself.  We are constantly changing and evolving, and so is our style.  Consequently, our wardrobes need to be constantly changing, as well.  Often, however, our wardrobes lag behind our personal evolution and many of our clothing items no longer suit our needs.  In order to get and stay in touch with a style that suits who you are and what you need today, start creating your "dream wardrobe" on  As you start putting together outfits unbounded by any budget limitations, your style for today's "you" will become clear.   Start by checking me out:

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