Style Inspiration from 10 Eco Fashion Bloggers by Audrey Stanton

Style Inspiration from 10 Eco Fashion Bloggers

Although the sustainable fashion movement is still growing, there are many wonderful people to take inspiration from right now! Find your personal style by following these 10 eco fashion bloggers. Each has their own take on conscious style and are great resources to use on your own sustainable wardrobe journey. Not to mention, more than one of these beauties are Swap Society lovers!

Compassion Fashion with Benita Robledo
Benita Robledo

Benita started her professional life as an actress, and although she still creates amazing work through film, she has started to focus on ethical fashion as well. She is a proud mestiza and figuring out how to blend multiple cultures in her new home outside of Philadelphia. Follow her on Instagram and check out her blog!

Conscious and Chic with Kathleen Elie 
Kathleen Elie

Kat was born in Montreal, lived in the Netherlands, and now resides in NYC where she brings all her travels into sweet style inspiration. Her website Conscious n Chic covers ethical and sustainable fashion as well as beauty. Along with conscious consumption, Kat is passionate about women’s issues and labor rights, which most often go hand in hand. Follow her on Instagram and check out her blog!

Dom’s Conscious Closet with Dominique Drakeford 
Dominique Drakeford

Dominique is a sustainable brand consultant, blogger, and Editor-in-Chief of the site MelaninASS (Melanin & Sustainable Style). Through each of her projects she pushes for inclusivity and diverse faces in sustainable living. Dominique’s style often consists of unconventional style combinations that keep readers on their toes. Fashion forward is an understatement. Follow her on Instagram and check out her blog!

English Lass in LA with Jessica Perkins
Jessica Perkins

Jessica is, as her blog name reveals, a Brit living in Los Angeles. She has seen first hand how much consumer-driven industries are polluting our earth and has decided to speak out against it. Through her fashion section she showcases her fun and feminine style that is never afraid of some good color! Jessica lays out her favorite brands, sustainable living tips, and what it’s like to be new to LA. Follow her on Instagram and check out her blog!

Ethical Unicorn with Francesca Willow
Francesca Willow

Francesca is the brain behind the site Ethical Unicorn, and another UK native. She currently lives in London but enjoys travelling the globe and sharing her ethical adventures with her audience. Francesca runs her site with the aim to take a “holistic, fact-based approach to sustainable living and social justice.” Through her writing, creative personal style, and various projects she is helping to change fashion as we know it. Follow her on Instagram and check out her blog!

Love+Style+Justice with Hannah Theisen
Hannah Theisen

Hannah is the creator of Love+Style+Justice, a blog which focuses on sustainable living from her home in Manila, Philippines. Along with the site, she runs a social enterprise called A Beautiful Refuge, which produces environmentally friendly and ethical screen printed goods. This summer Hannah is hosting two “Discovery Trips” to the Philippines where attendees will be able to learn from her and other social enterprise experts, as well as through with artisan workshops, and other outdoor adventures. Follow her on Instagram and check out her blog!

Unmaterial Girl with Leah Musch
Leah Musch

Leah is a self-proclaimed shopaholic turned sustainable fashion advocate. After three years of running a traditional fashion business she had a “fashion epiphany” which pushed her on a new path. Leah is currently a Fashion Design student in Brisbane, Australia and hopes to create eco friendly pieces for the masses. Her own style is eclectic and full of swapped, as well as thrifted, pieces. Follow her on Instagram and check out her blog!

Michelle For Good with Michelle Chavez
Michelle Chavez

Michelle became interested in ethical fashion when she learned about modern day slavery in college. Labor rights are scarce in the fashion supply chain and she decided to do something about it, with the help of her friend Fay Grant and the brand The Tote Project. The company donates 10% of their gross profits to an organization which supports survivors of human trafficking in the US. Michelle’s own blog features her bold, curated, style and her life in Los Angeles. Follow her on Instagram and check out her blog!

Sustainably Chic with Natalie Kay
Natalie Kay

Natalie has been gushing about sustainable fashion and ethical living since the summer of 2014. From her home in Jacksonville, Florida, she has gained thousands of loyal followers and influenced many to branch out into eco friendly products. With a newborn baby she continues to search for innovative brands and ways to promote the slow fashion movement. Natalie’s site features her casual, and often comfortable style, as well as organic beauty and home products. Follow her on Instagram and check out her blog!

Water Thru Skin with Valeria Hinojosa
Valeria Hinojosa

Valeria is Bolivian-born but currently living in Miami, Florida where she works on her blog WaterThruSkin and conscious blogger agency WTS Connect. After leaving the corporate world to seek new life meaning, Valeria founded the company, became a yoga teacher, and dove head first into sustainable living. Her style is full of breezy dresses and statement accessories to rock in the summer heat. Follow her on Instagram and check out her blog!

Audrey Stanton

Audrey Stanton was born and raised in the Bay Area and is currently based in Los Angeles. She has attended the Fashion Institute of Technology, London College of Fashion, and received a BFA in costume design from the California Institute of the Arts. Audrey is deeply passionate about conscious fashion and hopes to continue to spread awareness and love for ethical consumption. Visit her blog and follow her on Instagram for lots of #slowfashion inspiration!

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