Swap Society Costs Less Than ThredUp by Nicole Robertson

Swap Society Costs Less Than ThredUp

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One of the perks from swapping clothes is the money you save. At Swap Society you get equal value for what you send in. Buying secondhand clothes is less expensive than buying new, but swapping will save you even more. To illustrate the cost savings, we found some items that Swap Society members sent in that were also available for sale at ThredUp. 

Let’s say you have the following items sitting in your closet:

  • Ann Taylor LOFT dress: $80 retail price
  • Sanctuary sweater: $95 retail price
  • Bar III dress: $69 retail price



Maybe you’re bored with them, or perhaps they don’t fit anymore. You spent $244 before taxes and you’d like to recoup some of your money so you try to sell them to a resale shop. If you happen to get an offer, you will get an average of 2-4% of what you spent back in cash. That means you would get a total of $8.95 to $16.60 in cash for those 3 items.



If you buy 3 similar items secondhand you will spend $71.97. Even if you get the maximum cash payout of $16.60, you’re still spending $55.37. If you sent those items to Swap Society, you would get new pre-loved items for $4.99 each, totaling $14.97. That's 73% less! We love what ThredUp is doing and we agree that secondhand clothes are better than buying new. But, you can save even more money when you #SWAPBEFOREYOUSHOP -- even if you’re shopping secondhand.




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