Swapping for Summer Looks: A Look at Seasonal Wardrobes by Audrey Stanton

Swapping for Summer Looks: A Look at Seasonal Wardrobes

Although Swap Society is based in Los Angeles, where the sun scorches almost 365 days of the year, we have a huge appreciation for seasonal wardrobes. It feels healthy to have a clear break from jackets and sweaters, and a move to shorts and sundresses. We’ve spoken about the art of capsule wardrobes before, and still believe that simplifying your closet will simplify your life. Considering we don’t all live in sunny LA, curating these seasonal wardrobes will look different for each individual. For East Coast-ers it may be more straightforward; pack or swap the parkas, hats, and gloves in order to make room for tank tops and sandals. For those of us in the sunshine state it might prove to be a bit more complicated, like rearranging your closet to have warmer weather outfits in the front and slightly bulkier items out of reach. If you live somewhere where the weather fluctuates no matter what time of year it is (ahem, Bay Area) it’s important not to completely dispose of jackets and coats because the fog could roll in without a moment’s notice. Here are three different ways to optimize your closet for the best summer yet!

Complete Swap

If you live somewhere with actual seasons, or you have winter clothes on hand for chilly vacations, you’ll want to completely swap your wardrobe out for summer fun. A good friend of mine moved to Washington D.C. last year and sent me a video of her shutting a large closet full of cold weather clothes with the caption “See you next year!” For many people, the coming of June brings a sigh of relief—no more down jackets taking up the entire wardrobe. This is a great time to organize and take inventory of what you have. Take stock of what you own versus what you actually wore this past winter. Then consider which items you wish you had in your arsenal during those snowstorms. Whatever wasn’t actually worn, and isn’t a specialty item, can be sent to us! You’ll be paring down your winter wardrobe and getting points for a killer summer outfit at the same time. While you’re browsing the site, take a look for any winter items that your closet has been missing! You never know, someone may be doing a winter clothing purge just like you.

Strategic Closet

Those who are on the opposite side of the spectrum and have been sporting miniskirts all year long, will want a contrasting approach. As someone who lives in Southern California, but loves cold weather dressing, I tend to hold onto winter clothes. Every time the temperature drops below 70 degrees I try on my turtlenecks and velvet pants, tricking myself into believing that counts as an actual winter day. While I refuse to give up these beloved pieces, it’s extremely annoying to have long sleeved garments taking up precious closet space in the middle of summer. When June rolls around in hot climates, it’s time to rearrange your wardrobe. Move those heavier items to the back, or end, of your closet and bring breezy garments up front. Even though there may not be a huge difference in your winter and summer clothes, it’s incredibly helpful to organize your wardrobe in a way that will aid your morning dressing. With relevant items front and center, you’ll be sure to have a good outfit day the whole sunny season. This system makes it easier to notice what items are actually being worn, what garments should be swapped, and what items are needed in your warm weather wardrobe.

Mindful Curation

When it comes to mild-weather dressing, it’s vital to approach closet curation holistically. Every item should be carefully acquired and most pieces need to be layerable. Mindful curation is a consistent technique, to be employed all year long. Purchasing new items must be coupled with honesty about your lifestyle and the climate you live in. Growing up in the Bay Area, I longed for a day when I could wear the chic, heavy jackets I saw in stores. Unfortunately, those days only came a few times a year when I visited family on the East Coast. I’ve come to accept the fact that I have no necessity for more than one jacket or coat. While I was disappointed at first, it’s been ultimately freeing to embrace a lighter wardrobe. Once you are clear about what items actually work for your not-so-seasonal closet, you will be able to mix and match with ease, all year long. If you find there’s a light jacket or comfortable pair of pants missing from your versatile collection, head on over to Swap Society to fill in the blanks.

Audrey Stanton

Audrey Stanton was born and raised in the Bay Area and is currently based in Los Angeles. She has attended the Fashion Institute of Technology, London College of Fashion, and received a BFA in costume design from the California Institute of the Arts. Audrey is deeply passionate about conscious fashion and hopes to continue to spread awareness and love for ethical consumption. Visit her blog audstant.com and follow her on Instagram for lots of #slowfashion inspiration!

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